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Proposed by-law changes

To all:
Following a submission and review by the by-law committee three proposed changes to our by-laws were read at the last membership meeting. All three are posted in the members only section of our website for your review. At the next membership meeting they will be read a second time, discussion will be allowed and then put to a vote. Please review and be involved.

P/C cj
Secy./Treas. Swan Blue Gavel/Association of Past Commodores
By-law committee

Re: Proposed by-law changes

The bylaw doesn’t state if the spouse is also required to spend the $100.
What’s the requirement?

Re: Proposed by-law changes

Could someone drop a note with the date of the next scheduled membership meeting? We want to be sure to leave time open to attend, and the latest calendar on Fore & Aft only shows March dates.


Re: Proposed by-law changes

The meetings are designated in the ByLaws Article 5 Section 3:

The club shall hold general membership meetings the Second Sunday of October November December January February March and April. During the month of May June August and September meetings shall be held the second Friday of each month.

You will be able to determine the General Membership dates during any month according to that ByLaw.

You received a copy upon becoming a member.

PC Diane

Re: Proposed by-law changes

The Fore & Aft newsletter calendar does have April's membership meeting.

Re: Proposed by-law changes

Thanks Diane! I should have read the by laws to see what they had to say, but took the easy route and checked Fore & Aft instead.