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Concealed Carry Class Sunday May 23, 2021 9am at Swan

Concealed Carry Class
Sunday May 23, 2021
9am at Swan Boat Club (approximately 7-8 hours)

A member asked me to look into holding another CPL class. It was brought up at the general membership meeting Friday night and there appeared to be enough support to hold the class. There must be at least 3 people commit to the class or it will be cancelled. There is no maximum number of people.

Cost is $100 per person.

Items to bring:
Unloaded firearm to qualify
50 rounds of ammunition
Ear protection (if you have it)
Eye protection (if you have it)

The instructor will bring a firearm for qualifying at an additional cost of $5. He will also bring what extra ear and eye protection he has.

There is a sign up sheet behind the bar. You MUST completely fill out the sign up sheet as the information requested will be entered into a database PRIOR to the class.

The information needed is:
Full name (as it appears on your drivers license)
Full address
Phone number
E-mail address

Anyone who signs up and is registered will owe the cost of the class whether they attend or not (unless the instructor says otherwise).

You can bring a sack lunch or order food from the bar.

You will drive to a members house a few miles away to qualify.

Questions should be directed to Susan Stephenson at 734-735-2301.