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Prairie Grass

Has anyone had experience with the use of Prairie Grass VS natural growing fesque/weeds in well fields? The discussion has been started to replace all of the grass areas in our wellfields (several acres) with Prairie Grass, to allow for less mowing/bush hogging and do controlled burns by a conservation group.
Is there any advantages or regulations prohibiting this?

Re: Prairie Grass


His name escapes me at the moment but Greene County has been using Prairie Grass for many years. He has given several presentations at the State AWWA Conference in the past on their experiences with prairie grass. They use Indian Grass, Big Blue and Switch. They have seen a 30% reduction in nitrates in the groundwater and a 94% reduction in soil nitrates since they started using prairie grass. They had a short piece on it in their 2013 CCR and said to contact Greene County Sanitary Engineering at 937-562-7450 for more information.

Other benefits to the prairie grass is they have seen several endangered wildlife in their wellfield including the Marsh Hawk and Henslow's Sparrow.


Re: Prairie Grass

His name is Ken French(Greene County).