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Contact hours and when I need them

I have earned my WATER 1 and am licensed as of early 2017 but i have not been able to find employment with the license and have not attended any contact hours courses. Am I going to lose my license and what contact hours do i require

Re: Contact hours and when I need them

No. You have until December of 2019 to get your contact hours.

Re: Contact hours and when I need them

You do not have to start obtaining contact hours until 2018. As long as you currently have 1 year (2,080 hours) operating experience & you received an Ohio EPA Water Supply Certificate and not an"Operator in Training" letter from Ohio EPA, you will not lose your certification.

If you received a "Operator in Training letter" with your passing test score from Ohio EPA, you have four years (8,320 hours) to obtain the 1 year experience.