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Iron and Manganese Removal

I would like to know of other systems that are Iron and Manganese removal. A general list would be terrific. Looking for information regarding monitoring equipment and treatment adjustment ideas for ever fluctuating levels in wells. Different wells show different levels and combined wells change treatment needs. Looking for solutions to prevent VOC.

Re: Iron and Manganese Removal

We have 15 wells we can choose from. We rotate Lead thru Lag6 positions twice a week when possible. Our only treatment is Aeration, Detention, Prefeed approx .15 to .3 mg/L NaOcl 6% (Assist with oxidation for Mn and Fe removal), Gravity Filtration, and post feed NaOcl to achieve approx 1.0 mg/L finished Cl2 level prior to Clearwells.

The prefeeding of 6% NaOcl has dramatically reduced the finished water Mn & Fe levels reaching our clearwells.