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Re: Hutch Trailstar

"The ad you show in your pictures is from 1985.
The trailstar must be from that time.
Date code in serial i don't know.
But maybe you can find a date code in one of the parts.
Shimano has a date code in there parts."

Thanks! I don't think it can be 1985, but I suppose it is possible. I got the ad poster from the internet last year and although it says all-new, I don't see a date on it? Around 1979 I also bought 2 new road bikes, which were stolen the first day we got them (we suspected the bike shop), and then bought 2 more with the insurance money-- so maybe I'm getting the dates confused. Too many bikes to keep track of. :-) I'll look at Shimano. But if anyone can tell the date from the serial number, I'd appreciate it.

Re: Hutch Trailstar

Serial code could be as follow:
M4 = 1984
L = december
Don't know if it's really correct but it can be because they sold them in 1985.