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Re: Sears Canadian Hutch's?

If you do a google search for a "Hutch SEL 500 Pro" you will find a copy of the original Sears catalog ad on the BMX Museum. But that wasn't the only one that was sold in the Sears catalog, I just picked up a "2001 Pro" which is basically a cheaper model painted white.

The welds are very poor. But I just have to ask why did Hutch do this? Were they having a cash flow problem? It's like they took a Sears bike off the shelf and slapped hutch decals all over them.

If anyone knows the history about these please let me know. thanks!
What I've heard is that Richard Hutchind worked in the '70s for Sears.
Later when he owned Hutch he still had contacts with Sears.
At one point he made a deal with Sears to sell those cheap Hutch bikes at Sears in Canada.
Richard thought it couldn't heart the US market.
But later he admid it was a big mistake.
You can read it in the interview James Hanna did back in 2016.

Re: Sears Canadian Hutch's?

Ah thank you! That really fills in the hole and makes more sense. Is there a reason why this site doesn't list them as a model?

Re: Sears Canadian Hutch's?

I have lot's of info that I need to ad on the site.
But didn't update the site for too long....due different reasons.
BTW can you mail me some good photo's of that bike?

Re: Sears Canadian Hutch's?

Hi there, I've emailed you some pics I hope they are adequate. Please let me know if you got them.


Re: Sears Canadian Hutch's?

yes got the pics, thanks!