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Re: Hutch frame identification from France

I am French and own a little bmx old-school collection. One of my favorite is a complet black hutch looks like a pro racer but many points seems to be différents. I don't manage to find which bike it is.
I do not have event hole on the back of the loop tail and my top tube seems to be 17''. The rest seems to be correct with a clean stamped brake bridge, a serial number with the correct USA font on the inside left drop out (1230743), the right fork...
The bar had a sticker "hutch EXPERT" and wheels are suzue with 1 3/8 black Araya rims. I am not sure they are original build because they look strange and big on this bike...
Junior ? Expert ? Pro ?
If any one could help me.
Thanks by advance and sorry for my bad English...

I have pictures if someone needs.
Hi there!
Probably you measured your toptube wrong as you write it's 17" long.
You need to measure it from center to center.
You can mail pics to me and will look at your bike to see if I can see what model it is.