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Re: Mignon Reunion 2019

Chuck i am ready for some football. I have heard a lot of talk but I am ready
to see what they can do. We will find out the first game what they got. You
don't never know till they play a game. War Eagle

Re: Mignon Reunion 2019

Chuck I will let you know how our B.B. Comer Tigers come out
Friday Night. They are playing Winterboro.

Re: Mignon Reunion 2019

Chuck, B.B. Comer come up a little short Friday night.
They lost 24 to 18 but playing hard. They are young and
it is going to take a while to build a good football team.

Re: Mignon Reunion 2019


Just wondering......
While attending a B.B Comer game..does it feel like what you remember years ago?

Is there a strong fan base for the team in attendance?

Does the band march down the field with pride?

What about a great half time show?

Do you feel safe while attending a high school football game?

How do current coaches stack up with those you knew?

Re: Mignon Reunion 2019

Wow, 18 points Ted. That's as many as they scored the last 3 games I attended! I'll do my best to get to a game this season. I admit, I was concerned with the level of enthusiasm that I saw. Most of the young fans spent more time on their phones than watching the game. Times change, I guess. I talked a classmate of mine into going to the game and we should have left at halftime. So glad to hear they've turned the corner.

Take care,