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Raymon Brown class of 54 BBC

Yesterday I started a search for my old friend...Ramon Brown.
I exchanges emails with him a few years ago and had not heard from him anymore.

I found Raymon's obit...he died Nov. 2015. Another time I put off doing something that was not on my A list to do!

Raymon was a gentle soul and a great friend from early elementary school til a short time after graduation in 1954 at BBC.

Another friend lends credence to what I often say.."I know more folks in Heaven than on earth".

Re: Raymon Brown class of 54 BBC

Thanks Don for the heads up. That must have been quite soon after we had that wonderful brunch event at your house in Talladega. We also lost Ivy and Marilyn soon after that. Didn't mean to get morbid but as somebody should say "facts is facts". HE

Re: Raymon Brown class of 54 BBC

Did you know Raymon before the brunch at our house?

Re: Raymon Brown class of 54 BBC

Of course we were classmates for a lot of years in elementary school and many classes in high school. I even bought blueberry plants from him in Jr. High years , 25 cents each.