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Grunt! Vietnam Resources
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Play the Vietnam war online for free

Check out All you need in order to play is a copy of Close Combat 3 from Microsoft and a few mod and map downloads (mods and maps are free, you can get CC3 on ebay for a few bucks). For those who aren't familiar with close combat and its mods: CC3 is a realtime computer strategy game set on the Russian front in WW2. A few years ago a fellow by the name of Tombstone created a modification for CC3 changing everything but the game engine itself from WW2 Russian Front to 1965 Vietnam. New jungle maps were made with campaigns and all. Unfortunalely CC3 was limited to linear campaigns that did not affect the outcome of the war itself, because after all you're just one lone company commander in a huge army. Anatol Piotrowski changed all that when he developed MMCC3 (massively multiplayer CC3) which is a java applet designed to replicate the big picture of the war. Here's how it works: there is a server computer that keeps track of the war and the historical availability of units. Player computers connect to the server and get the current status of the war (a map split in grids with control markers on them). Players can attack sectors and either play against other humans or if none are available against the AI. Each players' force is saved after the battle to reflect losses and soldier experience levels. Each battle moves the game clock forward 12 hours, eventually triggering the availability of new units for each side depending on historical rarity. For more details go to my site or email me.